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Trading is becoming increasingly more accessible to anyone who wants to get involved. Back in the day, you used to have to ring a broker to place an order. These days, if you have a phone, you can trade.

That being said, there's still a large barrier to entry for new traders that don't know any of the theory behind economic activity. Rather than spending hours studying before you even make your first trade, you can use Crowd Millionaire.

At Crowd Millionaire, we've made the trading process as simple as possible so that you can trade when you want, where you want, and how you want. There's no need to study charts, wicks, levels, and all of that theory when you use us. We not only do all that theoretical research for you, but the Crowd Millionaire system also automates your trades so that you can literally trade in your sleep.

We offer a range of different assets on the Crowd Millionaire platform. You can trade crypto, assets, commodities, and more. This makes Crowd Millionaire the best trading system out there for beginners. Not only does it do all the hard work, but it gives you the ability to trade in whatever you're interested in.

What You Can Trade on Crowd Millionaire

On Crowd Millionaire, we have four different types of markets for you to trade-in. If you can, try to trade what you're already interested in and know about. While you don't need any knowledge to use Crowd Millionaire effectively, it's always going to help if you're financially and emotionally invested in your assets.


Commodities are physical items that can be traded. The most prominent example of which is gold, but it can include anything from coffee beans to alcohol. Commodity trading is one of the easiest for beginners to learn, so if you're totally new to trading, we recommend that you start here. 


Assets are like commodities, except the market includes a wider range of items than those that are regularly traded. For example, cash, bonds, and property are all examples of financial assets that are not commodities.


Forex trading involves buying and selling different global currencies. It's arguably the most straightforward method of trading. However, it can be hard to see any significant return on your investment with this type of trading if you're a beginner.


Cryptocurrency is the new kid on the block and something that we've put a lot of focus on here at Crowd Millionaire. It involves trading digital currencies rather than fiat ones on the Forex. However, the crypto market is far more volatile, making crypto trading more exciting but also riskier.


CFD trading is the last type that we offer on Crowd Millionaire, and we recommend that you stay away from them until you have intimate knowledge of how markets move and work. That's because CFDs aren't like other forms of trading. You're not buying or selling anything. Instead, you're placing a bet on the movement of a particular market. This makes CFD trading an all-or-nothing type of deal, with no returns whatsoever if you miscalculate.

Trading on Crowd Millionaire

We offer five different types of trading so that you have as much versatility and as many choices as possible. However, unless you already know a thing or two about trading, we recommend sticking to commodity trading and crypto trading until you get your bearings.

This is going to allow you to gain an understanding of how markets move in an environment that shouldn't be completely alien to you.

Assets can be subjective, CFDs are risky, and it's hard to make any returns with Forex trading. Commodities and crypto trading suffer from none of those problems.

Regardless of what you decide to start with, make sure you're taking your time and not putting yourself through unnecessary risks. Ease yourself into trading until you have the confidence to start making larger financial moves.

Commodity Trading on Crowd Millionaire

There is a wide range of commodities out there that are bought and sold every single day. Out of all the different markets, the most popular of which is easily gold. Gold remains one of the most universally traded items of all time and also one of the simplest.

Gold trading has been around for longer than almost any other form of economic activity. It's powered the human race's economy for centuries. Even though we no longer actively trade in gold bullions, it's still a resource that powers the economies of some of the world's largest countries.

You don't have to trade gold to trade commodities, of course. You could trade silver, platinum, or you could decide to trade a non-metal.

Either way, commodity trading involves buying and selling items with real tangible value. This lets you know what you're getting yourself in for whenever you trade. If you buy one ounce of gold, you can be confident in that ounce's value.

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Crypto Trading on Crowd Millionaire

Cryptocurrency is the newest market we offer here. It's also arguably the most explosive, being prone to massive swings of volatility. This makes crypto trading a high-risk, high-reward option for beginners. However, it's the market that arguably sees the most activity here.

Crypto trading, for those unfamiliar with the market, involves buying and selling digital currencies. These currencies are completely digital, as in there is no physical representation of value. There are no banknotes or coins. Everything about your cryptocurrency is housed on a computing device.

This makes crypto incredibly valuable and one of the most exciting forms of trading we offer here on Crowd Millionaire.

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What Should I Invest in?

You have the freedom to invest in whatever you want with Crowd Millionaire, but we recommend that you either invest in gold or Bitcoin. Both of these are remarkably similar, as each of them acts as a store of value that doesn't go through inflation like the dollar or euro.

Out of the two of them, though, we recommend Bitcoin for long-term investing. If you're looking to make some short-term trades, then there are other commodities that are better suited to that.

The reason the team here is so high on Bitcoin is because of how versatile and useable it is. Gold is a great way to store value, but it also needs to be stored itself. While you don't have to store the gold, someone does. If you do decide to store your own gold, it's a little difficult to liquidate it or trade with other people.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, can move across the world almost instantly without needing to worry about transport or storage. It's gold for the digital age, and that is incredibly exciting. Just because we're excited about offering crypto trading on Crowd Millionaire doesn't mean you have to be, though. You can still trade assets, CFDs, or the Forex if you so choose.

The Future of Trading

There are a lot of ways the future of trading could go. However, all of those possibilities involve cryptocurrency.

Regardless of what you think of the market, it's not just here to stay; it's here to dominate. There is constant talk about the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in the halls of power around the world, including the SEC, which is making moves to regulate it for mainstream federal use.

Bitcoin and crypto as a whole are like functional versions of gold. You can store your funds in them to protect yourself against inflation. However, you can also use crypto to settle cross-border payments without being subjected to conversion charges, wait times, or ludicrous bank charges.

That's not to say that the other markets are going to become obscure because that's not the case. If you don't like cryptocurrency, then don't worry. You can still trade in commodities and assets to your heart's content on Crowd Millionaire.

What Cryptocurrencies Should I Buy?

If you do decide to trade crypto with Crowd Millionaire, then you have a wealth of options open to you. There are countless different cryptocurrencies out there for you to trade. However, not all of these currencies are worth your time.

While the opinion of the Crowd Millionaire team is subjective, there are three cryptos that constantly get brought up in discussion:


Bitcoin and cryptocurrency are one and the same. You can't have one without the other. It was the first, it's still the biggest, and it's going to take some serious market movements for any of the other coins to dethrone it.


Ethereum is the market runner-up to Bitcoin and has a blockchain that provides the technology for a lot of other coins. While it's not as valuable as Bitcoin, it is more technologically impressive, making it a viable contender.


XRP is a dark horse and is actually currently difficult to invest in if you're in the US. This is because it has been delisted for US customers on most mainstream brokers because of an ongoing SEC settlement. However, the coin has remained strong on global markets, meaning it's worth a look at once it's available to US traders again.


How much is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit on Crowd Millionaire is $250. We picked this number because it provides you with enough cash to comfortably trade with but isn't too high to prevent people from trading altogether.

How do I know I'm ready to invest?

There's an old investment rule that the Crowd Millionaire team is particularly fond of. It states that if you have enough money to burn, then you have enough to trade. That's advice to take literally. If you have a lump sum of cash you could burn without any noticeable consequences, then that's how much you can afford to invest. 

Do I need to know about trading?

No. Crowd Millionaire has been built with beginners in mind, so we've made sure you don't need to know a single thing about trading before you invest. Of course, the more you know, the better, but it's not necessary.

How do I set up my account?

Setting up an account with Crowd Millionaire is incredibly simple. We don't need to verify your ID or address like the majority of mainstream brokers out there. All we ask from you is a phone number and email address. The whole process doesn't take more than 10 minutes.

How long do I need to spend trading each day?

It doesn't take any longer than five minutes to update your account each day. Our system executes your trades automatically, even when you're not logged in. All it needs you to do is define your trading position. Crowd Millionaire handles the rest.

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